General Guidelines


Every vacation destination requires a rearrangement of the own way of life if one wants to enjoy not only the pool landscape in the tourist strongholds of the country.

The real face of the vacation destination opens only the one who leaves the well-worn tourist paths to adjust to the lifestyle of the inhabitants in the everyday life a little.
Who can say goodbye to the normal hygiene conditions will be able to learn completely new taste experiences at the pleasure of the local cooking. Also folkloric events are often different from the events offered in tourist centers.

You should always buy suntan cream or medicine against "Montezumas revenge" in the country you stay, because these are coordinated with the conditions of the host country and achieve the best effect.

Inoculation recommendations

  • Diphtheria
    All persons should possess an effective inoculation protection ( do not forget revitalization every 10 years!)
  • Hepatitis A
    Recommended for journeys to countries with increased hepatitis A occurrence.
  • Hepatitis B
    Recommended for journeys to areas with increased hepatitis B-occurrence and with increased infection risk and during a longer stay.
  • Japanese Encephalitis
    Recommended for journeys with longer stays in rural areas, in which the Japanese Encephalitis occurs (e.g. China, India, Kampuchea, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam), mainly during rain times with frequent occurrence of the carrier insects.
  • Child paralysis
    Recommended for journeys to areas with increased infection risk.
  • Tetanus
    All persons should possess an effective inoculation protection (do not forget revitalization every 10 years !).
  • Rabies
    Recommended for journeys to areas with increased rabies occurrence (e.g. by dogs, cats and forest animals) or increased risk of infection
  • Typhoid fever
    Recommended for journeys with insufficient hygiene and potable water supply (e.g. during backpack and Adventure journeys)

And still a request for the end:
You are guest in your vacation country.
Behave so as you also would expect from your guests at home.

Have a lot of fun on your vacation.

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