Numbers and facts about Jordan


Official name
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan/ Al Mamlaka Al Urduniyya Al Haschimiyya
Area: 89,544 sq. km. (34,573 sq. mi.).
Cities: Capital--Amman (pop. 1 million).
Other cities--Irbid (281,000), Az-Zarqa (421,000).
Nationality: Noun and adjective--Jordanian(s).
Population (est.): 5.0 million.
Religions (est.): Sunni Muslim 96%, Christian 4%.
Languages: Arabic (official), English.
Education (2001): Literacy--90%.
Health (2001): Infant mortality rate--26/1,000.
Life expectancy: 71 yrs.
Ethnic groups: Mostly Arab but small communities of Circassians, Armenians, and Kurds.
Work force (1.15 million): Services--64%; industry--30%; agriculture--6%.
Type: Constitutional monarchy.
Independence: May 25, 1946.
Constitution: January 8, 1952.
Branches: Executive: king (chief of state), prime minister (head of government), council of ministers (cabinet).
Legislative: bicameral National Assembly (appointed Senate, elected Chamber of Deputies).
Judicial: civil, religious, special courts.
Political parties: Wide spectrum of parties legalized in 1992.
Suffrage: Universal at 18.
Administrative subdivisions: Twelve governorates: Irbid, Jarash, Ajloun, al-'Aqaba, Madaba, al-Mafraq, al-Zarqa, Amman, al-Balqa, al-Karak, al-Tafilah, and Ma'an.
GDP (2001 est.): $7.5 billion.
Annual growth rate (2001 est.): 4.1%.
Per capita GDP (2001 est.): $1,500.
Natural resources: Phosphate, potash.
Agriculture: Products: fruits, vegetables, wheat, olive oil. Land: 4% arable.
Industry (25% of GDP): Types: phosphate mining, manufacturing, cement and petroleum production, and construction.
Trade (2000 est.): Exports: $1.5 billion: chemicals, phosphates, potash, agricultural products, manufactures.
Major markets: U.S., Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India, EU, UAE, Syria, Indonesia, Malaysia, China.
Imports: $3.7 billion: machinery, transportation equipment, food and live animals, petroleum products, and chemicals.
Major suppliers: U.S., Iraq, Japan, U.K., Syria, Turkey, EU, Japan, China.

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